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Things you should know for the upcoming school year  

 Parents of students 14 years old or older

New York State requires that any student turning 15 during the school year have a level 1 vocational assessment done as part of their Individual Education Plan.  Your student's special education teacher will be meeting with your child to discuss what plans they have for after High School. Your child's special education teacher will send home a related form for you to fill out or ask you to set up a meeting or phone call.  It might seem early for some middle school parents to be thinking about your students plans after high school but it is necessary and helpful to your child's IEP planning.  Thank you in advance for your time and support in filling out those forms.

Graduation credential options have changed

New York State currently has two new credential option for students with disabilities.  These credential are certificates a student can earn if they are not eligible to receive a local or regents diploma. 

The first credential is only for students who qualify for the New York State alternate Assessments and is for less than 1% of our students with disabilities population.  The credential is called the Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential and documents a student skills, strengths and levels of independence in academic, career development and foundational skills needed for post school living, learning, and working. 

The second credential is student who do not qualify for the New York State Alternate Assessment yet may not be successful with obtaining one of the state high school diploma options.  This credential is called the New York State Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential and documents each individual student’s preparation and skills for post-school employment. This credential can be earned in addition to a local or regents diploma or can be achieved on its own.  The Regents-endorsed graduation credential recognizes the accomplishments of a student in the CDOS areas, helps to focus student commitment to career exploration and development, and provides potential employers with documentation on which students are exiting school with demonstrated knowledge and experience for entry-level employment.

New York State has also expanded the ways in which a student can successfully earn a local diploma.  It is rather complicated and challenging to explain.  Please look for flyers being sent home that explain all the options for exiting High school.  The High School special education staff and myself would be glad to meet with any parent to discuss your individual student's options and plans for graduation. 

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