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Students with Disabilities

Not every student will meet the academic standards in the new Common Core but that is not a reason to stop providing support to help students reach even higher levels of learning.  We do not want a culture of low expectations for students with disabilities and the Common Core helps to keep the expectations for all students high.  The International Center for Leadership in Education share 5 key elements that schools need to address to support the achievement of students with disabilities.

  • Ownership-student with disabilities are the responsibility of all educational staff
  • High Expectations-all students will be challenged and expected to perform to the best of their ability
  • Intervention systems- ensure struggling learners meet academic and/or behavioral expectations as measured by improved performance
  • Inclusion/collaborative teaching- special education services are included in the general education classrooms and students have access to both content and special education expertise
  • Organization/professional development- Alignment and access to standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment and data-driven professional development to support teachers in achieving goals.

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