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College Visits  

We strongly encourage students to begin visiting colleges in their junior year. The best way to see if a college is going to be the right "fit" for a student is to get on campus, take a look at the programs, meet other students, etc. It can be a good idea to visit all types of colleges when you first begin the college search. Visit small colleges, large universities, two-year and four-year colleges, etc.  Visits can be arranged directly through the colleges' website or students can stop by our office for help.

For seniors who have narrowed down their choices, a visit can be a good way to select their final college or to get some remaining questions answered. Colleges also appreciate that students take the time to visit. It shows interest and commitment.

Here at Cato-Meridian, we have many colleges who come here to visit with students. Seniors are particularly encouraged to meet with these admission representatives if they are interested in that college. Of course, any student is welcome. Students need to get a pass from the Guidance Office that morning.


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