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Students are encouraged to continually seek out opportunities for scholarships. Please stop by the guidance office

STUDENTS ATTENDING A SUNY SCHOOL MAJORING IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, OR MATH (including this year's seniors!) - there is now a scholarship offered to students in the top 10% of their class majoring in a STEM career which covers the full cost of tuition. There are many conditions to this scholarship, so be sure to look deeply. Click the link below for the latest details.


Seniors graduating in June 2017 who are planning on attending college in the fall will need to fill out the government FAFSA form after October 1st, 2016. (www.fafsa.ed.gov) Students and parents can obtain a p.i.n number ahead of time which will serve as their electronic signature when filing online. To obtain this number at any time visit www.pin.ed.gov. For a list of things you will need on hand when filling out the fafsa, see below.

Need help with financial aid? Cayugs Community College is hosting a Financial Aid Day on November 12th for anyone and will have computers and professionals on site to help fill out the FAFSA that day. Register to attend at suny.edu/studentevents.  Another great place to start is at the New York State website for financial aid (Hesc.org) with www.startheregetthere.org.


What Do I Need to Fill Out the FAFSA?   

  • a P.I.N. number for filing online
  • the student's driver's license if they have one
  • student's and parent's social security numbers
  • 2015 income tax returns for both student and parent
  • current bank statements for parent and student
  • records of documentation for things like untaxed income, stocks, investments, etc
  • business or farm records
  • current mortgage information


There are websites parents may want to visit listed below. It is never too early to start planning for college and the expenses that go along with it.






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