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Seniors - don't forget to get those college applications done. I recommend they be done by the beginning of December. If you need extra help, Mrs. Sawyer is hosting senior working breakfasts. This is a convenient time for seniors to start or complete their college application(s) online.  Mrs Sawyer will be available to answer any questions that you may have.  These are scheduled for 7am in the guidance office on October 25th, November 3rd, November 16th and for the last minute senior, December 6th.  Please bring with you your social security number. Hope to see you here.

Have you signed up to receive messages from the guidance office? Mrs. Sawyer is using "Remind" to update students and parents on current tasks. The messages come across your cell phone or email like a "twitter" message. If you'd like to sign up, call the guidance office for a special access code. 

Students who are interested in careers in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math should check out the link below. Not only are those careers plentiful these days, but now New York State is offering free tuition to certain students attending a SUNY school for majoring in any of those areas. There are a number of restrictions and conditions, but well worth checking it out!


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